We are based in Altea, a peaceful small village in the center of a wide bay
surrounded by a big amphitheater of unspoiled mountains.

A traditional village that has preserve one of the most beautiful old center in the area
keeping a very authentic and local feeling and avoiding the big resorts, hotels and busy ambient of the beach towns that are nearby.

Sometimes we will find local riders that might join our rides, or some friends that might have a beer and some tapas with us on a pit stop.

Mediterranean way of life is full of light, good food, sun, bars and outdoor terraces, tapas and easy going Spanglish chat.

Enjoying our free time outdoor with our friends it is our most precious treasure and we are happy to share it with you.

We might get an after ride swim or a café con leche, or both. Relax and let this feeling of “buena vida” to embrace you.

Altea and the quite villages that are a few km inland, will immerse you into the daily pace of Spanish common people, our pace, relaxed, spontaneous, enjoyable.