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We ride Mondraker, we love Mondraker and we offer you the chance to try one of the top ones for enduro, the Mondraker Foxy. These are one of the most innovative bikes in the world right now, a total enduro/all mountain race bike to suit anybody. Some Mondraker Dune units also available. The ultimate enduro/all mountain machines.

Also go for the E-Wave and try the Moustache Samedi 27 Race, I bet you it will amaze you.

You can go for these two options any day of your trip. Even if you brought your bike but you want to try a Moustache or a Mondraker, let us know and you will have one ready right away. Remember Guijarro Alfaz, our logistic base, is specialized in electric enduro bikes.

Mondraker Carbon R

Moustache Samedi 27 Race

Leave you bike at home and try the Mondraker Foxy or the Moustache Samedi 27 Race. Go for a full discovery experience here in the Costa Blanca Enduro Land

For protection we trust in ION, top quality, attention to details, smart design and solutions and finally somebody that care about smell; they use Sanitized® ION Anti-Smell a certified antibacterial fabric treatment.

ION knee and elbow pads

All range of ION products available in Guijarro Alfaz, our logistic base.