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For Costa Blanca Endruo Land, Responsible or Sustainable tourism is simply about making a positive difference when we travel, meaning holidays that benefit the people and the environment in the destination we visit. We really care about the people that host us, their culture and the environment and we want to act accordingly.

We deeply believe Sustainable tourism can provide resources to protect the natural environment, traditions and culture, and ensures that people living in here benefit from the tourism to their home. This will enrich the overall holiday experience and also ensures the conservation of this location, so we preserve this great place for you all to visit – for generations to come.

Now you name it, responsible tourism, sustainable, green, ethical … in the end, everyone thinks it is possible to create a positive impact when traveling

Costa Blanca Enduro Land is then committed to follow a responsible travel code that would help us to achieve this main goal and want you to join us in the task. Our compromise it is to adjust our operation to this criteria to the maximum; and yours to be conscience of it and to help us following the ‘Responsible travel Recommendations’ we will send you when you do your booking.

We want you to walk this path with us.

We also have decided to support a project for the reconstruction of a small village in Nepal called Bholung, seriously damaged after the earthquake. We have very personal links with that place and we want to collaborate as far as we can. 5€ of the total amount you pay for this trip will go straight to there.

Have a look on the project on this link. Join us and begin to discover the joy of sharing.

We follow main guidelines from ‘The Travel Foundation’ and ‘The Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria’ (GSTC).